Tonight’s the Night


Have you been counting down the days until our very first post? Well, as the countdown on our website says, tonight’s the night!

Here we go!

Within the past couple of weeks, we have been hinting out this new platform of ours starting  with the exclusive announcement at the New Year’s Bash event. For those who weren’t there, we’re sorry you missed it. For those who participated in emptying out numerous bottles of wine, thank you–for being a part of the event, that is–and kudos for knowing how to party. We’re holding DJ Mondee B. and his good setlist responsible for the drought of alcohol.Bash2_original

Then we posted flyers around the campus.


And three days ago, we had a public announcement on our Facebook group. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for us, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. We have already started getting some feedback regarding this project and we’re looking forward to proceed through this journey with your consistent participation.

With that being said, now it’s time for a proper introduction.

Meet GGU Social, your new entertainment blog!

GGU Social is here to bring a different perspective of the student life at Golden Gate University back to its very own community. As some of you might have already heard or read from earlier announcements, we have one main goal, which is to become your voice, and deliver your experience to a larger audience. And do this twice a week. What this basically means is, we will be constantly seeking for your feedback and suggestions in order to shape the content according to your preferences. The more you provide, the better the outcome of this journey will be. Keeping the blog fun is one of the priorities, but the major priority here is to keep it related to the actual student life at Golden Gate University.

Our hope is to bring the community closer together with voicing your opinions and experiences as a part of Golden Gate University, and help people relate to each other in a better way. As most of you already know, networking is a valuable tool for many things. This is our chance to expand our network, starting with our very own campus in the city of San Francisco.

Before we move on any further, let’s break this “consistent feedback and suggestions” down to details… The goal is to bring the community closer together, therefore any submission that has the potential of doing so will be considered to be featured in future posts. In addition to the feedback and suggestions you can–and hopefully will–provide to us regarding the whole concept of GGU Social, here are a few things that you might also consider to participate in:

  • You could share your opinion or expertise on a topic, and we can all talk about it over a blog post. (i.e. Fashion in San Francisco, Beating the Traffic in the City, The Leaders of Today’s Pop Music.)
  • You could share a beautiful photo you took the other day because the 78 likes you got on Instagram was just not enough for you. (No bathroom selfies, please.)
  • You could ask us to direct a question towards the community so we can all discuss about it. The blog has a comments section on the bottom where readers can comment on the post. It will be enabled on most of the posts.

Can you imagine how colorful these contributions would make GGU Social, considering how diverse Golden Gate University community is?! It’s up to you to make this possible. Remember, the more you provide, the better the outcome of this journey will be.

Keep an eye out for surprises.

Just in case if the idea is still not good enough for you… Here’s what else you should be looking forward to when visiting GGU Social.

GGU Social Image Note.jpg

GGU Social will have two posts a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. We’re looking to label–hashtag, if you will–these days so that we can all share a fact about them on the social media and connect with each other (i.e. #NewsDayWednesday, #SomeDaySunday.) And here’s the fun part: you get to name it! All you need to do is to submit your suggestion e-mail your suggestions to to get a chance of being the one to name our days, as well as winning a Golden Gate University T-Shirt! The winner(s) will be selected on Saturday, January 30th and will be announced on our Sunday Post, the 31st.

Here’s what our t-shirt and a happy face of the-person-who-just-got-it look like. Thank you for participating in our small contest during New Year’s Bash in celebration of our exclusive announcement, Lalit.


Wrapping up.

We are marking today as a start of a new beginning for Golden Gate University community on our calendars. We hope you do the same. We also hope that this post will give you a great idea of what’s to come, and to wrap up GGU Social’s very first post, we would like you to take less than a minute of your precious time to complete this very simple two-question survey to give us an idea of how you feel about GGU Social so far. For any further and detailed feedback, suggestions and content submissions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at
Until Wednesday,

Tarik A.


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  1. GGU Student says:

    Congrats on the blog!


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