Pinpoint: Sutro Baths

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I don’t know about you but my answer would certainly be: “I would travel.” Travel around the Earth without having to worry about my finances, explore new destinations, experience different cultures, discover new food, and take photos. Countless of them.


Hopefully one day… But let’s step out of the dreamworld for a second. Because the real world is not that bad. There are many perks of living in the Bay Area.


Whoops. Sorry, I didn’t mean to create another Traffic Jam Incident there.

But on a serious note, the Bay Area is full of scenic routes and trails; gorgeous destinations with the view of Pacific Ocean. Photography Destinations are going to be one of our post concepts for Sundays to show you some of these beautiful destinations and tell you a little bit about them. If you like photography or hiking, you’ll love these posts. Our first featured destination is….
*drum roll*


The Sutro Baths

The Sutro Baths were a large, privately owned public saltwater swimming pool complex located in Outer Richmond built by San Francisco’s wealthy entrepreneur and former mayor, Adolph Sutro.

This sumptuous facility was built in 1896, had a 2700-seat amphitheater, a museum showcasing a sizable collection of stuffed animals and historical artifacts, club rooms and a ice skating rink in addition to seven pools and private dressing rooms.



It was sadly destroyed by a fire in 1966.

The area is within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Sutro Historic District. The foundations are still visible at this historic area, and it’s still definitely worth seeing.

Bring binoculars with you. You might be able to see a dolphin–maybe even a whale, if you’re lucky. Point Bonita Lighthouse and Golden Gate Bridge are also within seeing distance.


Share your photos with us if you go and visit the Sutro Baths. Here’s one of mine from October 2015:


Diversity Month

Before wrapping up today’s post, will be talking about the Diversity Month at Golden Gate University. Golden Gate University has a very diverse community consisting of individuals from all around the world with different cultural backgrounds, skin colors, religious views, political views and sex orientations. To celebrate the diversity in our community, Golden Gate University will be keeping its students informed and entertained throughout the month.

Diversity Month 2016 DS GGUSOCIAL

Celebrate diversity with joining the #WeAreGGU campaign on GGU App and tell everyone an interesting fact about your diverse self!

Important Notice Before You Go

Remember the conceptual days hashtag contest we announced in the first post? We did not receive enough entries to pick a winner to give away Golden Gate University t-shirts. The deadline for submissions has been extended until Saturday, February 6th. Make sure to share your brilliant hashtag ideas and creative insights with us at and grab yourself a t-shirt!


Until Wednesday,
Tarik A.

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