Five Facts: California

This Sunday at Five Facts

The second edition of Five Facts is going to be about our very own Golden State, California. If you missed the first edition of Five Facts and want to know some interesting facts about San Francisco, make sure to read the post here.

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  1. The Golden State… If you’re living in California, especially in San Francisco, you hear this nickname pretty much every single day of your lives. But where does it come from? Some relate it to the discovery of gold, others say it’s because of the golden sunsets… But the reality is, the nickname derives from California’s “State Flower”, Golden a.k.a. California Poppies. It’s even in the books! According to the California Government Code, April 6 of each year is designated California Poppy Day!

    Flag of California

  2. The flag of California has a deeper and interesting meaning to it, as well. The flag has two main iconic symbols on it. The Red Lone Star located on the top left symbolizes California’s first successful fight for independence. The bear in the center of the flag represents the last Californian grizzly bear in captivity by the name of Monarch.
    Monarch_the_bearPhoto Credit:

    Monarch was captured in 1889, and died in 1911. He’s now being preserved at the Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park.

    McDonald'sBBQPhoto Credit:
  3. The world’s first McDonald’s was located in San Bernardino, California. It all started with the hot dog eatery called the Airdome that was opened near the Monrovia Airport in 1937 where McDonald brothers were selling hot dogs. Then 15-cent hamburgers came along, which is when the brothers decided to rename their restaurant McDonald’s Bar-B-Que and eventually moved their location to San Bernardino in 1940. The world’s first McDonald’s had 25 menu items. The hamburgers were being sold alongside with all-you-can-drink orange juice at 5 cents.


  4. The world’s largest information technology company by revenue, Apple, was founded in Cupertino, CA. Apple was established on April 1, 1976—some say it’s the worlds smartest joke—by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple’s headquarters, built in 1993, are currently located right at the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Apple’s astonishing “Spaceship” headquarters project was approved by the Cupertino City Council and it is currently under construction.

    Death Valley Sunset

  5. Death Valley is recognized as the hottest, driest place in the United States. According to Austin Adventures, the highest recorded temperature in Death Valley is 134 degrees Fahrenheit which was measured in July, 1913 and is the highest recorded temperature in the Western Hemisphere. The valley was filmed for Star Wars: Episode IV and it hosted three “MarsFest” events to elevate public awareness about planetary researches. Aside from being a perfect sky observation destination with numerous campgrounds that are being offered for the visitors of the national park, the valley was involved in many scientific experiments, one of which is the recently resolved “Sailing Stones” phenomena.


Here’s a bonus video for those who are interested in the discovery:  


Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed the second edition of Five Facts. If you missed the last #SmarterEverySunday post about Alcatraz Island, feel free to read it here. To learn more about the events at GGU, make sure to check out the next #SocialWednesday post! We will also start introducing our social clubs on #SocialWednesdays, if you want your club to be featured, make sure to contact us at!

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