Pinpoint: Bodega Bay

The Birds

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In this week’s of Pinpoint we will go a little bit outside of San Francisco to talk about the beauty of Bodega Bay.

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Located approximately 65 miles northwest of the city, Bodega Bay is one of the most beautiful weekend escape destinations located within the Bay Area with its number of beaches, camping parks, hike trails, and beautiful views. It’s also worth noting that the area is getting a good amount of visitors who are interested in fishing and whale watching. Some key locations to consider visiting in Bodega Bay are: Doran Park, Salmon Creek Beach, Bodega Head, and the Potter Schoolhouse, which was once featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s famous horror movie “The Birds.”

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The Potter Schoolhouse was built as a local schoolhouse in 1873, then became a community center, an inn, a restaurant and a guesthouse. After a mysterious—and still unexplained—bird attack, the property was sold to a family and it has been a private property ever since.


Hole in the Head

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In 1958, PG&E publicized their plans of constructing a nuclear power plant at Bodega Head. Sonoma County Locals and many others battled PG&E towards cancelling the plans for 6 years until PG&E announced that they would no longer pursue their plans. The large hole from the proposed nuclear power plant still remains today—though, it is now filled with water.

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When I visited Bodega Bay for the first time in October, I found Bodega Head very appealing for number of reasons. The time of the year was a little early for whale watching as the migration peaks from January through May, however hiking towards the echoes of playful sea lion sounds through the misty beauty of the place was still a stunning experience.

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Doran Park (see above) has an approximately 1.28 miles of trail,  individual campsites with restrooms, showers and electronic outlets. The beach (see below) is one of the popular destinations for fishing and crabbing, and it also has milder waves which provide surfers a better playground.

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Wrapping up

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