It’s That Time Again!

Finals are closing in…

While you’re working on your final papers and presentations, here’s what the staff rooms look like:


It’s a joke, it’s a joke! We love all of our instructors.

We know your studies are stressing you out, but it doesn’t hurt to smile every now and then. As we suggested in our post during the midterm period, prioritize your mental health over everything else. Make sure to plan out your day, dedicate your time to your studies, get rid of any possible distractions, and don’t forget to give yourself a break.

If you feel in need of talking to a professional about your stress, Wellness Resources counselors are always here to help you. Make sure to visit their webpage to learn more about the services they provide!

Now let’s get to this week’s featured student club!

GGU Social presents…

GGU Social Club GISA

In this weeks’ #SocialWednesday, we’re presenting you Golden Gate University’s one and only Indian Student Association, GISA. GISA is one of the most active student clubs at the university. With their “Helping Hands” campaign in cooperation with Tri City Volunteers, they have successfully donated toys, clothes, books, food and money for the kids of Christmas 2015. Here’s what GISA’s president Venu Gopal has to deliver to us:

“GISA (GGU’s Indian Student Association) is an organisation which aims for creating a medium through which the current student, new students and the upcoming students connect with each other. Our main motive is to provide support every Indian Student regarding various aspects like Housing, Travelling, Course Work, Helping them to know about the University and its surroundings. Apart from this, We organize events like Indian Festivals, Seminars, Party’s and many other events which helps the students to connect with their surroundings. In addition, we also want to make a diversified events so that students can know about people and their culture.

You can contact us at: |
And follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

Events to keep an eye on

Grad Fair Services List

If you’re attending to this year’s Graduate Commencement Ceremony, try your best to make it to the Grad Fair at the 6th Floor Auditorium this Friday. The event will start at 2:30 PM, and GGU staff and faculty members will be there to assist you in getting your tickets, picking up your regalia and more (for the full list of services refer to the image above.)

Career Meetup DS Marketing April

If you’re looking to get your resume reviewed, expand your network in marketing industry, you should also consider attending to this trimester’s last Career Meetup event tomorrow.

Study Break Spring 16 DS v4

As for next week… Our dear people at Student Life Department know that we all deserve a break and they have something relaxing planned for all of you! Stop by the Study Break table on April 12th if you want to get a chair massage, snacks and grab a coffee to take a tiny break.
*Make sure to download the GGU App before you visit them to take advantage of the free services.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s #SocialWednesday post. If you missed last Sunday’s Five Facts post on space, make sure to read it here.

Important notice

It has been slightly more than 3 months since GGU Social launched! We are really appreciating the amount of views we have been receiving since the launch, and your feedback means the world to us! Please contribute in this brand new 4 question survey to let us know a little bit about your thoughts. You can also let us know what you think of GGU Social so far, and submit the topics and features you would like us to include by e-mailing us at!


Until Sunday,
Tarik A.

GGU Social Did You Know 4-6

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