Pinpoint: Seven Hills of San Francisco I

The city that was built on seven hills…

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San Francisco has 43 named hills, and as we mentioned in one of our earlier Five Facts posts, the total number of hills in San Francisco was recently announced to be 53. Now that’s a lot of hills. What makes some of these hills really interesting is that, San Francisco is one of 20 American cities that claim to have been built on seven hills. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Seven Hills of San Francisco are: Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Rincon Hill, Mount Sutro, Twin Peaks and Mount Davidson. Above is the map I created in an unofficial collaboration with SFMTA to give you an idea of their locations.

Seven Hills of San Franscico I will be the first edition of the Seven Hills series. Let’s kick it off with our first two hills.

Russian Hill

explore-san-francisco-ss-russian-hill-003Photo Credit:

Russian Hill is well known with its one-block stretch of winding road that consists of eight hairpin turns. The hill’s name goes all the way back to the Gold Rush era, when the settlers found a small Russian cemetery at the top of the hill. The cemetery was removed but the name remains to this day. According to some, the graves belonged to Russian traders and sailors from nearby Fort Ross, and old Russian outpost north of San Francisco.

0_4200_0_2800_one_SF_RussianHill_OdessaShekar-26Photo Credit:

Some streets of the neighborhood were featured in many movies such as Bullitt, 48 Hrs, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

HydePhoto Credit: DailyTravelPhotos

Hyde Street is one of the iconic streets of the neighborhood where you can experience some of the best views in the city!

Telegraph Hill (Loma Alta)

TelegraphPhoto Credit:

Located near North Beach, Telegraph Hill was originally named Loma Alta by the Spaniards, which translates “High Hills” in English. Telegraph Hill’s current name refers to a semaphore—a windmill-like structure built in 1849, for the purpose of signaling to the rest of the city the nature of the ships entering the Golden Gate. Crowning the hill with its stunning art and lovely story, Coit Tower is definitely one of the biggest attractions of the area today.

filbert-steps-1Photo Credit:

However, the attractions don’t end there. The neighborhood is also known with the steep steps of Filbert, surrounded by flowering gardens.

Compressed Wild Parrot FlockPhoto Credit: Evergreen State College

…and of course, the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Telegraph Hill is definitely one of the most beautiful hills to visit in San Francisco. If you ever get a chance to go and capture the breathtaking view of the city from Coit Tower, make sure to share it with us!

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s #SmarterEverySunday post. If you missed last Sunday’s Five Facts post on space, make sure to read it here. If you missed the last #SocialWednesday featuring our Indian Student Association, GISA you can read it here.

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