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GGU Social Thank You

In this week’s #SocialWednesday, we would like to start off by thanking each one of you for helping us reach our very first milestone! Today, GGU Social reached its 2,000th view and we’re currently sitting at slightly over 2,000 cumulative views with about 1000 visitors since our launch!

We are happy to see these numbers and we’re constantly gathering data in order to make GGU Social your one-and-only entertainment blog. We have created a 4-question survey for you to give us feedback and let us know what you think so that we can shape GGU Social around your thoughts! Please, take two minutes of your precious time and answer this very short survey here.

Remember, this is your blog, and you get to shape it! (How awesome is that?!)

GGU Social Categories

It’s been about three and a half months since we launched GGU Social. Within these months, we have shaped our blog around two main themes (#SmarterEverySunday & #SocialWednesday) for you to take twice a week and introduced you to 3 concepts that affiliate with each of these themes.

In order to make it easier for you to navigate during your visit at GGU Social. We’re now introducing a new feature! Categories are now available for you to browse at the bottom of our website!

We have more announcements to come, including a recurring new social event! But for now, let’s just stick to our routine.

GGU Social presents…

GGU Social Club Individual DBA.jpg

This week’s featured student club is Golden Gate University’s DBA Student Association. Before I started working here at G0lden Gate University, DBA Student Association did not have a logo. Now they do. “You’re welcome” Ayana!

Here’s what club’s president Ayana Richardson has to deliver to us:

“The DBA Student Association was formed to provide an opportunity to connect the doctoral students, who are pursuing their studies and research while maintaining their professional careers. We hope to provide information on the program, academic and personal support as well as a way to link students who have similar research interests.

We have hosted a faculty, alum and student networking event as well as Qualifying Exam Study Overview. We are looking to some more events on how to become an Instructor at GGU and career planning.

Feel free to contact us at!”

Events to keep an eye on

Networking for Introverts DS April

Networking for Introverts’ second part, “Practice, practice, practice” will be taking place on campus tomorrow. This workshop is beneficial both for introverts and extroverts!


If you’re looking to stay ahead of your expenses and out of debt and also love pizza, you might want to consider attending to the panel presentation for Financial Literacy month that will take place on campus on Monday, April 18th. The event will be in room 3214 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM.


One Heart

One HEARTT, Inc. is hosting our 1st annual Spring Cleaning Fundraiser. If you have a laptop, cell phone, tablet that you’re looking to recycle to keep the Earth clutter free, you can let One HEARTT help you. They’re even picking them up for you! Contact for details and pick-up. You can recycle as many times as you want until June 1st!

Wrapping up

If you missed the Grad Fair last Friday and couldn’t pick up your tickets and regalia, you can still pick up your tickets and regalia! Contact for further details.

We hope you enjoyed reading this week’s #SocialWednesday post. If you missed last Sunday’s Pinpoint post on Seven Hills of San Francisco, make sure to read it here.

Enjoy GGU Social’s newest feature, Categories Section, down below while we’re gone please don’t forget to contribute in this brand new 4 question survey to let us know a little bit about your thoughts. You can also let us know what you think of GGU Social so far, and submit the topics and features you would like us to include by e-mailing us at!


Until Sunday,
Tarik A.

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