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Summer Party

We would like to start this week’s #SocialWednesday off by thanking each and every one of you who showed up at our very first official party to celebrate being social with us on August 4th! We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy the dimmer version of the lounge as well as the glow stick cups we handed out to color things up a bit. We are looking forward to see all of you at our next party on September 8th where we will have more of–literally–everything as we anticipate an even bigger crowd to join us in welcoming the new students to GGU!

We will share more details about our Welcome Party in the coming weeks, but for now, let’s get back to our routine as we have some good amount of news and updates to share with you this week!

News & Updates

GGU Social RiddlePP.jpg

One of our biggest excitements about this party was the exclusive announcement we made towards the end of the event on August 4th to kick-off our month long treasure hunt contest.

For those who didn’t stay until the end and missed the announcement, let us make it official:

We are hosting a treasure hunt throughout the month of August!

Here are the instructions and rules:

  • The image above was used to create 12 jigsaw puzzle pieces that will be posted around the campus in the process of this contest.
  • A riddle will be posted on the digital signage screens on campus every Thursday with a weekly timer.
  • Each riddle will lead to a location in which three jigsaw puzzle pieces are waiting to be found.
  • The person to collect most pieces will win the grand prize which will be announced later in the month.
    …and believe us when we say this: The reward will be well worth it!

The first riddle was screened during the party on August 4th and was posted on the digital signage screens the day after. We noticed that all three pieces have already been found! Those who didn’t show up at the party will need to keep their eyes on the screens for the next riddle to catch up! And those who found the puzzle pieces, hold onto them until September 8th! 🙂

The Next riddle will be posted on the screens tomorrow! Keep your eyes up on the screens and think fastMay the smarter–and quicker–one win! 🙂

*If you have any questions about this contest, don’t hesitate to contact us at ggusocial@ggu.edu.


With the help of our friends at SGA, more than 10 people gathered around to volunteer at Project Open Hand’s San Francisco Kitchen on August 4th.


Our Vice President for Community Involvement, Mary Abdelnour, posted a photo album on our Facebook Group of all the volunteers having fun in the kitchen while helping Project Open Hand’s beautiful cause. Make sure to check the photos out and give our volunteers a shout for being awesome!

SGA Elections 2016-17 DS

The new SGA Elections period has officially started yesterday! If you’re considering to apply for the office, click here to access the application form. If you have any questions regarding any of the positions, you can contact studentlife@ggu.edu with all of your inquiries.

Last but not least, we are going to be closing the gaming tournament questionnaire this weekend. Please contribute below if you haven’t already. We are planning to publish the results publicly and discuss further about our plans during our next party on September 8th!

If you still have no idea what this questionnaire is all about, click here to read more about it.

Wrapping up

Thank you for reading this week’s #SocialWednesday. If you missed last week’s #SocialWednesday, make sure to read it here.

We are always checking our e-mails and we encourage you to e-mail us at ggusocial@ggu.edu with any questions you may have as well as the events, photos and ideas you would like us to share with the community! 

We are really appreciating the amount of views we have been receiving since the launch, and your feedback means the world to us! Please contribute in this brand new 4 question survey to let us know a little bit about your thoughts. You can also let us know what you think of GGU Social so far, and submit the topics and features you would like us to include by e-mailing us at ggsocial@ggu.edu!


Until next week,
Tarik A.

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