Congratulations, New SGA Officers!


On September 8th, we hosted our second party down in the Student Lounge. We would like to thank all of the students and our readers who stopped by and grabbed a drink with us along with this year’s SGA candidates!


During the party we had an announcement where we talked about our future plans regarding the responses we gathered for our Gaming Tournament Questionnaire over a couple of months. %71 of the participants stated that they would consider participating in a gaming tournament hosted on campus. %34 of the participants stated that they would be interested in board games, %29 sports games, and %21 card games. We will bring these numbers up to the Student Life Department to come up with a fun and entertaining plan for a future gaming tournament and keep you, our readers, updated as we always do.

Before we handed the microphone over to the SGA candidates who participated in our party to introduce themselves in the crowd, we presented the prizes to the winners of our August Treasure Hunt contest.

Winners of our August Treasure Hunt:

Pallavi Saitu | Ariba Hasan | Ashish Ashtute

In addition to these announcements, we would also like to let our readers know that we are planning of hosting recurring hiking events as well as annual trips to touristic destinations within the city. We will share more details with you soon!

News & Updates


Golden Gate University students have chosen their new SGA officers! Below are the names of the new officers. Starting this week, you will see their names and faces around the campus very often. Remember that these student leaders are here to work with and for you. We encourage you to get to know them, exchange your ideas and see if you can contribute to this community as well!

Jatin JaiswalSGA President
Ruturaj SheteVice President of Campus Activities and Treasurer
Prachi Avsare – Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Abhishek PrasadVice President of Education and Secretary
Mohammed KhalilVice President of Community Involvement

Events to keep an eye on


The Graduate Advising Office will kick-off their US Employment for F-1 Students series for the Fall ’16 Term with their OPT/CPT Info session tomorrow at 2:00 PM. This event is highly beneficial for those who are interested in doing an OPT or CPT in the near future or towards the end of their program. If you can’t make it to the session tomorrow, there will be another one on November 9th at the same time and room.

As a part of their series, the office will host their first OPT Application Lab workshop on Monday, September 19th for those who are getting ready to apply for OPT.

*Refer to the image above for event times and locations.


If you missed last week’s Career Meetup event to expand your network and share your career goals and experiences, Office of Career Planning’s monthly Online Networking Event is this Friday! The hour long online session starts at 12:00PM. You can click here to register for the event.

Giants Game Fall DS

If you reserved your tickets for the Giants game on September 18th you can pick them up at the Office of Student Affairs. Our team will be joining the GGU community for a fun and–hopefully–sunny Sunday, we are hoping to see our readers there!

Wrapping up

Thank you for reading this week’s #SocialWednesday. If you missed last week’s #SocialWednesday, click here to read it.

We are always checking our e-mails and we encourage you to e-mail us at with any questions you may have as well as the events, photos and ideas you would like us to share with the community! 

We are really appreciating the amount of views we have been receiving since the launch, and your feedback means the world to us! Please contribute in this brand new 4 question survey to let us know a little bit about your thoughts. You can also let us know what you think of GGU Social so far, and submit the topics and features you would like us to include by e-mailing us at!


Until next week,
Tarik A.

GGU Social Did You Know 4-3



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