Career Fair is Right Around the Corner

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This week is an important week for the Taxation and Accounting students! The long-awaited Taxation & Accounting Career Fair is going to take place on campus on Friday, September 23. This career fair happens once in an academic year here at Golden Gate University, and it’s a great opportunity for our students to move forward in their career.

If you have been preparing for this career fair, you are most likely all caught up with the details and updates about the event. If you haven’t heard of this  opportunity until now, you can stop by the Office of Career Planning for a quick chat or e-mail them with your questions at

News & Updates



It was a warm day last Sunday here in San Francisco! We joined the students, staff and faculty of our community to enjoy the Giants game at AT&T Park. It was delightful to meet some of our new readers and grab a drink with them. Just in case you forgot, you can follow us on our Facebook page here and join the conversation on our group here.

It’s time for another survey! While we’re working on our plans to make the best of the results we gathered from our Gaming Tournament Questionnaire, we wanted to see how many of our readers would be interested in joining us for a hike on a weekend during the Fall ’16 Term. Please contribute above and help us organize a hike for this term!


If you missed last week’s #SocialWednesday post, you might not be familiar with the new faces of our student leadership group. Join us in congratulating this year’s SGA officers! We encourage all students to meet the new officers in person. SGA is the voice of students that are elected by the students who will be here to listen to your thoughts, opinions and concerns for the 2016-17 Academic Term. You can also e-mail them at

BooksSLThe bookshelf down in the Student Lounge was updated recently. These books, as we informed you earlier, are available for you to claim for free. We ask our readers to be mindful and claim them only if you are really interested in or in need of them.

Events to keep an eye on



As we mentioned above, if you are a Taxation or an Accounting student, do not miss out on this once-in-a-year opportunity. RSVP is available for this event; however, there will be a physical check-in table for those who could not register for the event in advance.




The 5th Annual Braden Leadership Speaker Series of our Braden School of Taxation and School of Accounting have begun last month! Their next talk “Brain Savvy Leadership” featuring Jenifer Lippincott from Lippincott Consulting is going to take place on Tuesday, September 27th. You can participate in the event either in person at the campus or online via livestream. Click here to register for the event and here to learn more about Braden Leadership Speaker Series.


Graduate Advising’s second OPT Application Lab workshop is going to take place in Room 5215 on Tuesday, September 27th. These series of events are highly beneficial for those who are interested in doing an OPT or CPT in the near future or towards the end of their program. If you can’t make it to this session on September 27th, there will be one last workshop on on October 5th.

Interview Strategies DS Fall 16 v2.jpg

If you are interested in obtaining tips and tricks to improve your interview skills, you will find the Office of Career Planning’s next workshop helpful. Interview Strategies, featuring Laura Paradise will take place in Room 5203 on Wednesday, September 28th.

Wrapping up

Thank you for reading this week’s #SocialWednesday. If you missed last week’s #SocialWednesday, click here to read it.

We are always checking our e-mails and we encourage you to e-mail us at with any questions you may have as well as the events, photos and ideas you would like us to share with the community! 

We are really appreciating the amount of views we have been receiving since the launch, and your feedback means the world to us! Please contribute in this brand new 4 question survey to let us know a little bit about your thoughts. You can also let us know what you think of GGU Social so far, and submit the topics and features you would like us to include by e-mailing us at!


Until next week,
Tarik A.

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