The End of Fall


Fall term is coming to an end and we all are getting ready to celebrate the holidays! Our friends in Chi Pi Alpha kicked-off the celebration with a colorful holiday party on December 1st they are ready for the break! Are you?!

This week’s #SocialWednesday will be our last for the term and we will be back when the Spring ’17 term starts! But before we go, we have very exciting news to share with you. Read below and enjoy the rest of this term’s last post, and see you next term!

News & Updates


While you are away, we will be getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of the day where it all began! January 24th marks the beginning of the colorful journey of GGU Social and we wanted to do something special to celebrate it with the community, gathering all of our readers together. We are really excited to be celebrating this day and we hope to see all of our readers at the event!

If you would like to hear more about our Anniversary Party, you will need to come back and visit us when you are back from your vacation.

Events to keep an eye on




The last talk of 5th Annual Braden Leadership Speaker Series featuring the CEO and Founder of F2 Oilfield Services Bruce Braden will take place on Tuesday, December 13th. You can participate in the event either in person or online via livestream. Click here to register for the event and here to learn more about Braden Leadership Speaker Series.


This term’s last official event is going to be hosted by the Office of Career Planning on December 16th, 12:00PM-1:00PM.

Wrapping up

Thank you for reading this term’s last #SocialWednesday! If you would like to browse our blog until we’re back in January, make sure to check out our Categories Page where you can pick a random post to read.

We are always checking our e-mails and we encourage you to e-mail us at with any questions you may have as well as the events, photos and ideas you would like us to share with the community! 

Happy holidays!

Tarik A.

GGU Social Did You Know 4-3

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