Let’s welcome Fernando to GGU Social!​

January 25th, 2016…

This is the date of our very first post. Next Monday will be exactly a year and eight months since GGU Social went public with the overview of an amazing New Year’s Bash celebration, followed by the proper bash2_original.jpgintroduction of the VIP of the party, GGU Social. Today, not only do we cherish the day GGU Social launched, but we also celebrate the new writer of the blog, Fernando Gago! Oh wait, it doesn’t end there! Next week, will mark our 100th post, and we are all going to be celebrating it! When? We will let you know about further details regarding the event later this week!

Let’s switch topics, we’re sure you all have read Tarik’s “It’s Your Time to Join GGU Social!” post where he explained why he is leaving and how wonderful it has been to be the editor of GGU Social for him. We’re sure that you will join us in congratulating Tarik for his unconditional devotion to the project and for all the man-hours given to the community! Kudos to him!

Now for the main course…

Who’s Fernando?

Hello everyone! My name is Fernando Gago, I’m an international student from a South American country called Venezuela. I’m currently enrolled in my second term of the I/O Psychology program. Fun fact about myself: I was a first aid volunteer during the 2014 protests against the government in my country, I really enjoy eating ice cream, and I eat burgers at least once a week. Why GGU Social? Because I know GGU Social will help me leave my comfort zone, develop my creativity, will add more skills to my toolbox and is the best way I found to step up for our community. The challenge is getting all of us engaged enriching the content, sharing stories, events, helping one another, and giving feedback. This is the way I think we can make the most out of the GGU Social platform, don’t forget that our goal is to be your voice through our motto: “by students, for students”.


We can start giving back today! Share with us what do you think about GGU Social on this simple survey. Step up for the community!



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