Let’s give it up for the 100th post!!

Good evening readers! Exciting news about GGU Social *DRUMROLL PLEASE!* We have reached a hundred posts!! Woohooo! This is not a big deal, really, 100 posts, that’s HUGE! And we could never find the passion to keep doing it if we didn’t receive something back from you. We appreciate your support, your comments, your feedback, and your commitment towards the community. Let’s keep growing in content, as a community, and as a team! THANK YOU ALL!!

It feels so good to say we have made it this far!! Our hundredth post!



As a sign of appreciation for all of you, that week after week read our posts, we are planning some activities and giveaways. Later this week we are going to let you know how are we making sure that this accomplishment stays on our minds and in our feed forever! Be sure to stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook accounts as well… @GGUSocial

We have a new SGA Team! Let’s get to know them!


SGA 2017-18.jpg


A word from this year SGA President:

Thank you for electing me as your President. Today we are a team of 5 individuals holding the SGA office. We will make sure that we will be able to help you by all means, students are our first priority. We know there are a few changes needed in every system, you tell us what they are and we will work on it.   Participation in events will help you understand what is going on outside the walls of GGU. So participate in events, bring up new clubs and ideas. Have more events in your club and never forget SGA is always there to help you organize and plan events. We want every student to take proud in being in Golden Gate University’s student and I will make sure me and my team works hard to achieve that goal.


Dharesh Khanna


Student Government Association

Golden Gate University


Congratulations SGA team! Good luck this year!


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