“Is Golden Gate University what I need to grow professionally?”

“Would I be able to make the best out of it? Is Golden Gate University what I need to grow professionally?” This two and, possibly 10,000 other questions went through my mind right before receiving my acceptance letter on March 21st, 2016. My country was on the edge of a civil war, food, medicine, and the lack of security was making my decision to leave everything and move to San Francisco, easier. However, I knew at that time that as soon as the plane takes off from the Simon Bolivar International Airport airstrip, I would not step foot in Venezuelan soil for a very long time.

Today my second term on the Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psych) program is done and I can say that I have learned so much about organizational behavior, consulting, HR, research methods, leadership but, most important, I have learned a lot about myself. I learned that I wanted to improve my skills in this new organizational culture so I found a job on campus, I want it to know about different cultures so I assisted to as many workshops and events GGU offers, I want it to give back to the GGU community so I share ideas and experiences via GGU Social with all of you, and I also learned that I want more and GGU is giving me the tools and the opportunities to get there.

If I think back to March of last year and ask myself the same questions, I would say that today I am making the best out of this experience and Golden Gate University is definitely helping by giving me the tools to grow professionally and personally.

Have a Safe and Happy Holidays! All the best for the year to come! See you all on campus on January 4th!!


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