Spring term is on!! Welcome, ​2018!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Spring 2018 term! We are thrilled to meet and hear from all of you! Our sincerest apologies to the new members of the GGU community for not being able to be present during orientation, we will soon be celebrating together and with the company of the members of other clubs and students who are ahead on the same programs you are and whom can share their academic experiences, great opportunity to start building your network and ask questions about the program, teachers and subjects. The invitation extends to all the members of the community, soon all the information will be announced.

For those who return to GGU, welcome to your home, welcome to new academic challenges. Do not forget all the services that GGU offers to us. Academic counseling, psychological assistance, disability resources and academic accommodations, review of resume and cover letter, preparation for interviews, workshops, events and the different student clubs.

For those that are reading us for the first time, in a nutshell, this is GGU Social, a platform made by students, for students. The mission we have is to approach and serve as a network to support us while we live our academic experience, but also after we get our degree. This kind of network is not created by teachers or staff members, we have to cultivate it day by day. GGU Social is part of that axis that maintains and open communication with the whole community. Reach us if you need something, stop us in the corridors or talk to us in the elevator.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, @GGUSocial.

Let’s rock this term!
All the best,
The GGU Social team.

Yello Retro and Abstract Shapes Media Kit

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