Wondering how to pay for your tuition?

Hi everyone!

Do you know how to pay for the Spring term?

There are three options:

  • Via your GGU4You account.
  • Pay at the HUB or call them at 415-442-7800
  • Via Postal Delivery.

What form of payment does GGU Accept?

  • Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, check, cash, money order, and cashier’s check.

Can I wire transfer funds?

  • Yes, inquire with sas@ggu.edu for wiring instruction.

If you dropped my classes after the deadline, can you get your money back?

  • Tuition is not refundable after the published date to drop/withdraw without obligation elapsed. Students who dropped or withdrew from courses due to unusual and unforeseen circumstances and can provide written and official verification are encouraged to file a financial petition. Petitions are accepted for review up to 90 days after the last day of each term.

How do I submit a vacation term?

  • Login to GGU4You, click on International à Access forms à Request for reduced course load/vacation term or last term. Fill up the form and submit. Your advisor will inform you via email if the vacation term is approved.

How do I book an appointment with an academic advisor?

  • Login to GGU4You, click on academic advising, schedule an advising appointment.

I am unable to drop a class online. How can I do that?

  • Contact your graduate advisor to drop a class in case you are unable to do it online.

I am on OPT and received a job offer. Do I inform graduate advising about it?

  • Send an email to graduate advising center with the employer name and address and your start date at work.




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