It’s time to give back to those in need! And also land that dream job of yours!


We’re sure most of you have done some volunteer work. However, have you ever thought about how helping others could help you get a job? Well here is how!

Volunteering can be the perfect job interview, it’s a way of showing up your skills to those who are volunteering with you. This is especially important since according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics more than 40 million people who volunteer are employed, and more than 26 million people hold a Bachelors or higher degree. So never miss a chance of connecting with others when volunteering.

Being a do-good person can also help you close the gap between what you know and what you wish to know skill wise. For example, I would like to leverage my leadership skills, then I can ask to lead a team and get real feedback from them on what areas should I improve and what’s working for me. Or if you wanted to work on your project management skills, you could be leading an event where you have to put everything together, how different is that from a full-time job situation?

Giving back to those in need is not only a humanitarian thing, it’s not only rewarding but it also helps you feel confident enough with your skill set to rock that job interview and get that job you were looking for.

The Office of Career Planning is cooking an event that will give us plenty of volunteering opportunities, stay tuned to GGU Social’s posts on the GGU App, Instagram, and Facebook!



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