Career​ consulting and Drop-In hours

Do you know the Office of Career Planning offers Career Advising? This service can be scheduled through GGU4YOU and it helps us on the path of finding a job by providing tools that can save us during an interview or can make the difference between being an applicant and being the applicant.

Resume, cover letters, and interviews are just part of the process to land the job, you have to prove you have the business skills and the knowledge needed to do the job. Use this service and be ready when your skills are put to the test.

Also, it is important to know there are Drop-In hours to assess those punctual questions you might have about your resume, interview questions or even particular career questions. The Drop-In hours are held at the GGU Library, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:30pm – 6:30 pm. If getting to campus during those days is difficult and you still need your resume reviewed, send an email with your resume in a word document attached to

For further questions contact the Office of Student Affairs:


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