Looking for a break from midterms, papers, ​and projects?

Hey! How are the midterms going? Are they over for you? Need a break? Let GGU Social help you with that by inviting you to look for things to do in the city this weekend. Don’t forget Saint Patrick’s Day is coming next Saturday so the city will have lots of things to do, check out these options!

Are you a fan of Star Trek or Pirates of the Caribean? take a look at this opportunity!

AREL22481-768x512Photo Courtesy of SF FunCheap

Do you live in Dogpatch or Potrero Hill? Next Saturday will be the Free Day at the California Academy of Sciences for Dogpatch & Potrero Hill Residents!

California Academy of SciencesPhoto Courtesy of California Academy of Science

Be part of San Francisco’s 167th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival!

oPhoto Courtesy of Yelp

Go Picnic at the Presidio Park next Sunday!

Photo Courtesy of The JetSetting Fashionista

Need more options? Try these pages and find something fun to do!

Let us know where are you planning to go and invite your fellow GGU classmates!


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