Registration for week 16 seminars are open!

We all have to register, either online or in-person depending if you are an online student or not, to a seminar during week 16 and registration is now open! How? Just pick those JPEG image-72F9F8B4FE85-1seminars you find interesting, have a look what they are all about and if you like them just register. Remember, if you are a fully online student you should register for at least one seminar online and if you attend on-site classes then you should register for at least one in-person seminar.


These are the options the Ageno School of Business shared via e-mail:

Seminar Registration Link Webinar link for online attendees*
Speechless: “Improv” Your Way to Success! A Workshop (and Show) to Giving Great Presentations!
Legal Issues for Marketers – Intellectual Property: Overview, Recent Issues and Controversies
Storytelling Techniques for Interviews and Networking with Dave Collins!
Returns with a Conscience: How Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles Impact Investment
Strategic Play with LEGO™Bricks: Building Corporate Social Responsibility
Protecting San Francisco’s Future: The Seawall Fortification Bond
Blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings: An Introduction
Creating a Culture of Respect in the Workplace
A Broad View of Cyber Security
B-Labs: Running a For-Profit Business as a Force for Good
Gig Economy: What is it? What’s It Mean to Me, and What’s Ahead?
Analytics in Sports
Introduction to Ketamine with Dr Raquel Bennett
*Be sure to register first, and make sure you install zoom on your computer before the seminar

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