The science behind being ‘Hangry’!

Have you ever heard the term ‘Hangry’? Have you ever felt hangry? Let’s take a couple of seconds to think if ‘hangriness’ is a real thing or not, what do you think?


Being hangry is more common than we think but, for those who don’t know what we are talkingHangry-1 about, let’s explain what being ‘hangry’ is. The term comes from a blend of the terms ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’ and it’s explained by an emotional state someone reaches when they’re hungry, generally showing signs of angriness or frustration.

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the


National Academy of Sciences, low blood sugar might lead to aggressive behaviors. But what low blood sugar has to do with being hungry? In a nutshell, eating raises the levels of sugar in your blood which helps with gathering as much energy so you can self-control. Is it a long-shot? Maybe not, here is the full study showing how people jab more pins into a voodoo doll of their spouses when they’re hungry (or their blood glucose is low).

Hope all of you can control your ‘hangriness’ and keep a chocolate or granola bar with you at all time, for our safety!

Have a great week!!


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