It’s our responsibility as people to take action

We all see beautiful streets and landmarks when commuting to school, we all see small, medium and tall buildings, we all see Tesla’s cars, we all see people walking on opposite and same direction, but, have you noticed those sitting on the floor or walking without a clear direction? Chances are you have. Have you ever wonder how can you help them? We have been hearing lots of us talking about it and decided to give local options to volunteer, or donate, and help the ‘homeless’ to have a better day.

Our Editor’s recommendation:


“If there is an opportunity, don’t waste it by walking away. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to, imagine people who are battling each day to get food and make
it through the rain or cold (or both) and who are not able to find the help needed, they might need someone to talk to”


Photo: Brant Ward, The Chronicle

What to say?

“Conversations can vary, we all have different interests. But it is a great way to help someone in need if we know where to point them if they ask”

Jamie Turley, a UC Berkeley Alumni, suggested on Quora these 4 places:


Photo: Barry Chin, Globe Staff

What if you want to volunteer?

Volunteering options can be found on many non-profits such as:

 A couple of hours any day can help to change someone’s day, volunteer.

Turley, J. (2011). What are the best ways to get involved to help the homeless in San Francisco? Retrieved from
SF Homeless Project (n.d). Bay Area’s Helping Hands. Retrieved from


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