How about a round of applause?

DSC_564211 copy.jpg

Let’s give it up for the class of Spring 2018!! Congratulations graduates! We hope you all the best with all your goals!! Enjoy with those you love and don’t forget that some DSC_2984 copy 2-Recovered.jpgservices are still open for you as GGU Alumni!

Now, we want to welcome our new readers and members of the GGU Community. First of all, congratulations on your admission!!! We are excited to meet all of you tomorrow during orientation. You must be both, excited and curious about how your path is going to be in San Francisco and at Golden Gate University and we are here to help. How? Well, basically we can point you in the right direction if you ever find yourself in doubt with who to ask or how to do something.

As we are all very proud of the diversity of our student body we hope that you will help us enrich social and cultural life at GGU. Looking forward to meeting and share thoughts with you during Orientation and throughout the program.

Welcome to GGU!!

Yello Retro and Abstract Shapes Media Kit

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