Looking for housing? Remember these tips!

Finding housing in San Francisco can be challenging, especially because of the high costs and/or long commutes. We will provide quick tips for you to land a great deal:

The first thing one should do is to look for small advertisements in local laundromats, telephone poles, alumni groups or any other small audience advertisement, the less demand the place has the better deal you can get.Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 5.41.50 PM copy.png

To close a deal you most likely be required to give money orders/cash equivalents, driver’s license, references, and credit reports. Be sure to have handy.

The Lease: This can be a whole post by itself. Yet, what you need to know is that reading your lease is important and looking for these five points:

  • Length of the lease (so you don’t get kicked whenever)
  • Determining who is responsible for fixing the appliances
  • Confirm that the apartment will be cleaned before your arrival (otherwise, your security deposit might be used for it)
  • Determine future rent increases
  • Privacy rights (no unannounced; and unexpected, visits)

MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS IN WRITING. Trusting others is valuable but business is business.

Have a good house hunting and spread the news!



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