Yosemite Travel Log (Our Editor’s experience)

Hi, my name is Fernando and I’m the Editor of GGU Social. I want it to share with all of you my personal experience after visiting Yosemite for the second time. Both times visiting where different in logistics and activities. The first time I stayed at the Half Dome Village; great spot, lower cost than most options within the valley, the plan was hiking to Yosemite falls (it took us over 6 hours round trip) on Saturday and rafting down the Merced River on Sunday before taking the 4 and a half hours road trip back to San Francisco.

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On the other hand, for this second visit, I was wearing crutches and the plans where slightly different. We rented a car to get there so we took advantage of it by going to around the valley to as most spots we could considering my situation. We visited El Capitan, the Tunnel View, Glacier Point, Mirror Lake, the Majestic Hotel, and the Swinging Bridge.

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A very important point, prices, the earlier you book the better chance you have of getting better prices (Summer prices are usually high). This time we stayed in a town that is a little over an hour away from the Valley, Groveland. The Groveland Hotel is a cozy and well-accommodated place with parking, wifi, private rooms and bathrooms, on-site restaurant and it’s close to groceries and other restaurants.

Feel free to contact me if you want to visit Yosemite and need to know something else.

Email: ggusocial@ggu.edu or Fgago@ggu.edu.

Phone: 415-442-7878

Instagram: @GGUSocial

Facebook: GGU Social

Or message GGU Social or Fernando Gago on the GGU App.


Remember that on June 24th this year’s Pride Parade will be taking place and GGU is going to be present! Join the GGU contingent with all student, faculty and staff members that will be leading our parade!  Sign up today!

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