Summary: Internship Panel 2018


Last Wednesday the Office of Career Planning held this year’s Internship Panel with some very talented GGU Alumni. The four panelists; Pallavi Saitu (Infotech Sourcing), Xiao Hu (Sky Link TV), Brittany Bento-Tibbs (KPMG), and Ariba Hasan (Tuutkia), are currently working on different industries and landed their job thanks to their professionalism, networking skills and the help of the Career Planning Office.

Their insights on how to get an internship where on the spot. Ariba recommended us to play our strengths and to let the recruiters know what can we bring to the table different from other candidates. Xiao, on the other hand, shared her experience as an example of what we should do to stand out over other candidates. She called it a “Tricky Method”, and her tricky method is creating a blog where she interviews business professionals and get their insights on relevant topics while developing her network at the same time.


Pallavi did something different as well, she revealed that she applied for over 300 positions on LinkedIn. Yet, the tactic that helped her on getting an internship was by doing research about the company and contacting directly via LinkedIn the CEO of the company. Lastly, Brittany suggested to stand out and went on to state that being an intern doesn’t mean that you have nothing to bring to the table, on the contrary, you should speak up and share your ideas or ask questions, that way people will notice that you are engaged.

GGU Socail thanks the Office of Career Planning for organizing events like these! looking forward for the next!







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