Free activities all week on the rooftop of the Salesforce Park

It’s less than a block away from GGU, it’s brand new, it’s HUGE, and it has many free activities! That’s right, we, the GGU community, have easy access to free activities pardot-logo.pngevery week from Monday to Saturday on the new rooftop of the Salesforce Park!


And also, very important, there are many cultural events happening throughout the year!! Enjoy live music with Live@5: After Work Music on Wednesday, bring your kids to a Kids’ Improv & Movement Class on Thursday, go Swing Dancing on Friday, and maybe end the week sharing a UrbanPlay® Family Fitness Saturday with your loved ones.


4 acres of Popos (Private Owned Public Open Space) a block away from our SF Campus!Salesforce_Transit_Center_ParkMap_Website_blue-1

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