Job Hunting? Check this out!

The American job market might scare you. But consider this, this market can help you boost your career, can bring your dreams to life, and can also help you get that six (or even 7!) figure salary. However, it is also true that this is a very competitive market. Here’s what you can do to give yourself a competitive edge.

If you’re looking for that big opportunity, we would recommend making an appointment with a Career Consultant by logging into GGU Careers. Next, consider the following as you prepare for that appointment.

  • Employers are hiring: everywhere, anywhere, people are leaving their jobs looking for better opportunities, others are transferring to other positions within the company, others are being let go, and others are retiring. Why should you care about this? Because they are leaving positions that need to be filled. Guess what? This is when you apply for a job!
  • Are employers looking for you? They are always looking for good people, the best of the best is very subjective and you can always be the best of the best for them.
  • Define your line of work: Name a specific occupation you’d love to have and clearly describe the job specs so employers offer you a position that best suit your capabilities, likes, and, most importantly, get you away from your dislikes
  • Stand out from other candidates: Millions of people are looking for jobs as you’re deciding where to apply. Increase your probabilities by making your resume shine, working on your interview skills, and rocking that first phone call or email with the recruiter.
  • Highlight your strengths: We all have room for improvement. Yet, you don’t need to focus on that when being interviewed. It’s your time to brag (tactfully and realistically) about your experience, what you’ve learned over time, and those skills that make you “perfect for the position”.

We can still go on giving you thousands of tips to consider when looking for a new gig, but then, your Career Consultant would be out of work! Reach out to them and schedule that appointment right away!

A little note from our editor:

“The best way to improve the chance of being hired is by being authentic. Good luck with your job hunting!”

To contact the Office of Career Planning:
Phone: 415-442-7299

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