You’re not alone!


week 2 blog pic

Happy week two of term, everybody! Hopefully, by now, returners are starting to settle back in and new students are finding their feet. And it’s the folks in this latter group that we’d like reach out to in this week’s blog post.
Those of us who’ve been at GGU for a while now, maybe sometimes forget how much there is to figure out on first arrival. There’s the layout of the building, endless new faces, working out where classes are, navigating the e-learning site, the library, where to buy lunch, maybe even where to live, etc. etc. For international students, there’s even more; bank accounts, health insurance, visa paperwork, maybe a first time studying in a new language, cultural differences. It’s a lot. And we’ve been getting feedback from around campus that some of these new students feel like they could do with some additional support while they find their feet.
First and foremost – yes! Do reach out if you feel like you need some help. GGU has some excellent staff and resources in place that are especially designed for students like you and they’d be only too willing to help. Many general questions/advice can be answered by the team at the GGU Customer Service Hub on the first floor. You’ve probably all seen it by now – outside the book store.
For academic queries, please contact your academic advisor. For any writing or math support, do make use of the tutoring services. The writing tutoring schedule can be accessed through GGU4YOU, while the math tutoring is in Room 1226 (spring term: TUE 2:00PM-7.30PM; WED 4:00PM-6:30PM and THURS 5:00PM-8:00PM). If you’d prefer a virtual experience, you can Zoom in on Mondays 4:00PM-9:00PM. You do need to make an appointment through GGU4YOU.
If you want to talk to like-minded students about your subject, remember that GGU has a host of clubs that would love to hear from you, including the Investment Research Club, Project Management Club, Business and Data Analytics, Accounting Club, Information Technology Management Club, Veterans Club and Psychology Club.
Financial Aid can advise you on loans, etc. and Sara’s team in the bookstore can help you find your recommended texts.
Finally, if you just need someone to talk to, DO make use of the university’s wellness resources. They’re an excellent service and can be accessed on 415-442-6578. Their on-campus hours are Mon-Wed 9am-4.30pm and Thu 9am-noon.
As you can see, the university has a great team of professionals with years of experience helping students just like you. So, for anyone who wants to reach out, please do! You’re not alone and they’re waiting to hear from you.


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