We Want You!

Muir Woods Pic
GGU Social is changing. Our purpose and intention is and always has been to blog about topics connected to events and issues happening in and around school. We also love to feature items on what’s going on in the Bay Area – productions, restaurants, day trips – anything that you enjoy doing that you think your fellow students will love doing too.
We plan on keeping this content, but changing the format just a little. We want to know more about YOU – our readers and contributors. We still want to cover all the topics mentioned above, but we also want to find out more about you guys; why you came to GGU, where you’re from, your likes, dislikes, any challenges you’ve faced or sacrifices you’ve made to come here, your favourite place for a night out, best ever road trip, your happy place on a Sunday morning, bucket list destination, most memorable San Francisco moment, favourite breakfast buffet and what’s next on your social to do list. Anything else you want to add?

We’ll feature your contributions either in our traditional blog style format, or maybe even as video content. We have some volunteers for the first couple of weeks, but we’d love to start slotting in some more of you after that.

So, I’ll have the first go to show you what we’re looking for:-
I came to Golden Gate University as I wanted to study I-O psychology in an adult learning environment and also to come to the Bay Area where I already had a lot of friends. I was born and brought up in Oxford, the beautiful university city in the heart of England, although I’ve lived in many other places around the UK and the world. My likes – biking, hiking, campervanning to national parks, fox terriers, Christmas in Rome, early morning beach runs and frozen yoghurt shops. My dislikes – moving house, shrinking clothes in the wash, being rained in, grocery shopping and never having enough time. My main challenge in coming here? Learning how to do maths again. My favourite night spot is The Trident in Sausalito and my best ever road trip was a week driving around the US South-west – Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Monument Valley, Saltern Sea. Mind blowing. On a Sunday morning, I’m happiest out early in the great outdoors – this morning it was a dawn start in Muir Woods. My bucket list destination is a road trip down through the Florida Keys and my most memorable San Francisco moment was sunset and champagne in the Bay on the deck of a friend’s boat. The best breakfast buffet is, in my humble opinion, the Aria in Las Vegas.

So that’s me. But I’m much more interested in hearing about YOU! So do get in touch with us at ggusocial@ggu.edu and hopefully we’ll be featuring your story in a future edition…..

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