Join The Club!….

Carolinen Griffith

This week, we’re taking a closer look at GGU’s clubs.  They provide a great opportunity to become more involved in your subject and meet students, faculty and connections outside school that you might not otherwise connect with.  Most programs have a corresponding club to sign up with, such as the Business and Data Analytics Club (BDA) and the Human Resources Club (HR), but there are many more.  To give us an insight into what goes on and why you should get involved, we spoke to Caroline Griffith, President of the GGU Psychology Club.

Caroline has been president for a couple of months, having taken over from Camilla Ribas.  Prior to this, she was a club member, and then Vice-President in Spring 2019.  She studied psychology at undergrad and wanted to become more involved in the program.  This led to her volunteering as a research assistant. Similarly, now she’s a grad student, she also wanted to do more and viewed the club as a way to become a more integral part of the industrial-organizational psychology program.

She loves being part of the club.  She believes it gives her a chance to get to know GGU students outside class and she enjoys collaborating with them to come up with creative ideas for future events.  For example, the Vice-President of the club, Natalia Nowicka, had the idea of hosting a comedy night which was something the club had never done before.  However, they were excited to channel energy into the idea because they recognized it would be a great team building activity.   It took a considerable amount of time to plan and organize the event.  However, the event has been approved and will take place on July 14th at the Punch Line Comedy Club.  Come along!

One aspect of being involved in a club that Caroline particularly enjoys is the chance to apply theories and ideas learned in the classroom into a practical context.  The first event she arranged, involved two guest speakers from Mercer (the world’s largest human resources consulting firm) in San Francisco who shared their experiences using data to enhance the employee experience (rewards, developing teams, retention etc.).  She is currently in the process of growing the club, but her aim is to meet at least once a month.

She urges people to join!  She says clubs offer students the chance to convert their ideas into reality.  She wants students to be open to bringing ideas to the club, although they may need to be refined -for example, members often have great ideas such as designing club t-shirts and hosting social events.  However, the club needs to be able to support such ideas both financially and institutionally and an idea needs to align with the resources available.  But student ideas are always a great starting point and clubs offer the opportunity to not only attend events, but also to create them….

We asked Caroline why people should join a club, “I believe clubs are a way for students to form friendships and learn more about their field and related fields.  If you have an interest in gaining a deeper understanding or a particular field, do not hesitate to join a club or attend an event!  The Psychology Club is open to all students, no matter what their program.  Our current Vice-President is in the MBA program and I think it is great that we get to implement her ideas”.

So whether you join Psychology, Project Management, HR, ITM or any other of GGU’s clubs, just find something that interests you and get involved!

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