Bursting with #GGU Pride!

Pride 2.jpg

This time last week,GGU staff, faculty and students were marching through the streets of San Francisco as part of the city’s annual Pride March.  GGU’s contribution was led by Anthony Niedwiecki, GGU’s Dean of the School of Law and his enthusiasm for the event was infectious!  The GGU attendees danced and waved and handed out flags and necklaces to the cheering crowds.  One participant was Maya, from the Law Admissions office.  She explained that she was taking part to show support for people who may be affected by hateful speech.  Another GGU representative, Robert, from the Counselling Psychology program agreed that he wanted to show support for the Pride community and Dean Niedwiecki.  The atmosphere was fun, positive and a great day out was enjoyed by all while putting across a vital message which was reiterated in Pride marches across the globe.

This week, we’re going to let the pictures do the talking…….Happy Pride!

Pride 1

Pride 3

Pride 4

Pride 5

Pride 6

Pride 7

Pride 8

Pride 10

Pride 11

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