Voice of the Students – Zhuozhen Hou

Zhuozhen Hou

In this week’s blog, we are meeting another student! This time, it’s Zhuozhen Hou, who has been in GGU’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology program since Fall 2018.

Zhuozhen is originally from Dalian, China, but decided to come to school in San Francisco after visiting here three years ago. She loved the city, so when it came to choosing the right place for her I-O program, Golden Gate was a no-brainer!

She very much enjoys being a student at GGU. Right from the outset, she liked all her professors and the care they’ve demonstrated towards international students. She also appreciates the fact that her course was highly applicable to the ‘Real World’ and the workplace. She also has great things to say about her classmates. She’s found everyone to be tolerant and highly empathetic regarding any cultural differences. It also helps that she finds it easier, as a graduate, to communicate with people. She said that as an undergrad, she found it difficult to take the initiative, but now she’s older, it’s become a lot easier.

Outside GGU, she’s loving life in SF! She says the hills remind her of her hometown back in China and she appreciates that sense of familiarity. She loves the food here and the streets and the sense of diversity throughout the city. Overall, she is relishing this whole new experience, the benefits of which she will take back to her native China. She loves the restaurants and one of her favorite activities is to drive along the beach and choose which eatery to try next. At the weekend, you’ll find her checking out San Mateo, maybe taking in a movie, eating hot pot and then picking up a dessert to go! Her favorite restaurants are Gabriel & Daniel’s (Mexican) in Burlingame and Liuyishou Hotpot in San Mateo. As for her favorite San Francisco moment so far? Just taking a long beach walk with a friend………..

The only negative here is the weather! Zhuozhen isn’t a fan of windy days which, as we all know, are a feature of life here by the Bay.

After graduation, Zhuozhen plans to get a job related to the I-O psychology field back in her native China so she can be close to family. And what advice would she give someone thinking of coming to GGU? The professors are great and the course is highly practical – so if that’s what you’re looking for in your master’s program, just do it!
Thank you Zhuozhen!

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