Aaaaaand We’re Back!

Golden Gate Bridge

Welcome! Or welcome back!  Whether this is your first or fifth term here at GGU, we’re glad to see you!  Fall term is always our busiest, so expect lots of events, talks and first up – a shiny, glorious, Bollywood night!  Keep checking around school for more details….

But for those of you who are new to school, you’ve probably got some more urgent questions, which we’ll try to answer for you now. 

But first up – a little recap!  Welcome to Golden Gate University, which has been around since 1901 and, we like to think, offers something pretty unique.  For four years in a row, the school has been voted No. 1 in America for adult learners by Washington Monthly.  Its combination of online learning, flexible course schedules, evening classes and a genuine mix of ages, makes it the perfect home for those attending school a little later in life, or those seeking a change of career.   It compliments this demographic with a truly international student intake, a large contingent of military veterans and with a both a law and business school, you’re always going to find someone interesting to talk to in the GGU café!

So, first things first.  Log onto ggu4you, if you haven’t already done so, and check your course schedule.  Your room numbers will be both on the curriculum and posted in the entrance hall (on the wall directly opposite the security desk).  If in doubt, ask the folks at security who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

The library – well, you can’t miss it – but don’t forget that you’ll need your ID card to get in.  Ask at The Hub (first floor, by the bookstore) and Flora or Lourdes will be happy to arrange one for you.

Your reading lists will be on your curriculum (on elearning) and text books are available, unsurprisingly, in the bookstore.  They also have a large selection of sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs and pendants etc.  So you can show your GGU Pride from day one!

But most importantly, take time to find your way around ggu4You and elearning.  GGU4you is your go-to resource for using the library, accessing wellness resources, contacting your academic advisor, making appointments and – right now- voting for the new SGA committee! Ggu elearning is where you’ll need to keep track of your school work, weekly assignments, grades and all that good stuff.  The links are here:- &

Any problems, contact IT (The Hub can point you in the right direction).

So, welcome, once more!  Work hard, make loads of new friends, enjoy this fabulous city we call home and HAVE FUN! We’ll be back in a week or so – see you then!

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