Bollywood Night!

Bollywood 7

Were you there?? Last Thursday, the SGA transformed the student lounge into a night of fun and dancing as Bollywood took over GGU! We have many students here who know much more about this than I do, but for those students new to it, Bollywood is the Hindi cinema genre and is a combination of the words Bombay (now, of course, known as Mumbai) and Hollywood.  The industry is massive – it produces up to 800 movies annually – twice as many as Hollywood – to cater to the 14 million Indians who go to the movies daily.

The first Bollywood movie was produced back in 1899.  The genre is renowned for their colour – dancing, singing and multiple costume changes.  The storyline generally revolves around the boy meets girl theme, and some of the biggest stars include Arjun Rampal, Amitabh Bhachan and Katrina Kaif (to name just a few).

Bollywood 6

Bollywood music forms the bedrock of much of Indian pop music and is produced primarily in a language understandable to primarily Hindi and Urdu speakers, but some songs are also produced in Punjabi (according to the internet – apologies to any of our readers for any factual errors!). So, for Bollywood night, our staff and students ate, drank and danced to the music of Indian cinema.  Kudos to Bhavin and Deepika who led the dancing and showed us all how it’s done!  And an honorary mention to staff member, Patrick for embracing the spirit of the evening.  The photos speak for themselves.

Bollywood 3

Until next time!

Bollywood 2

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