Meet Deepika!

Deepika Pic

 As you all know, we recently had elections for the new SGA Committee and this week, we hear from the newly elected VP of Education, Deepika Khemani!

Deepika is an international student from India and moved to the States to pursue her Masters in Business Analytics, here at GGU. She chose our school, partly because of the real world experience of her professors on the data industry and partly because of its location. GGU’s situation in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district gives her the opportunity to network with the biggest tech companies in the world.

She has been here for a year now and loves living here. In particular, she appreciates the fact that people follow rules here and that pedestrians come first! She enjoys the roads here and finds it’s fun to drive here. However, she dislikes the public transport system. She finds the connectivity, maintenance and frequency, poor.

In terms of the SGA, her main incentive to join was to help GGU students with their concerns about life at GGU, especially related to education. She has met a number of students here who have spoken to her regarding concerns about the way their programs are designed or the their courses are structured and she encourages anyone to bring their thoughts and concerns to her. She will be attending the monthly Senate Faculty meetings and will be the liaison between the students and the faculty and Deans at GGU.

During her time in office, she hopes to gain some leadership qualities and help students who are lost and confused about their life at GGU or the US in general. As she is an international student and has come to a new country herself, she understands that meeting people from diverse cultures can be quite overwhelming at first, but eventually, she became accustomed to it. She was able to get help by speaking with senior classmates and getting advice and being pointed in the right direction. As she’s been here for a year now, she believes it’s time to return the favour.

Deepika believes that it’s important for students to get involved in student positions such as the SGA as it is an opportunity to get involved in the decision-making process that could impact a large number of students at the university. It also teaches teamwork and enhances perceptual and leadership skills and can be a confidence booster.

Her closing thoughts to students:- You belong here, make yourself heard. In the U.S., the only way to get help is simply to ask for it.

If anyone wants to get in touch with Deepika, they can do so, either by emailing her at at, or via the GGU app in the SGA section

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