Is There A Dr In The House?

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GGU is a business school. We all know that. It is not a research university and in that sense, its primary purpose is not to prepare students for a life in academia. Most of you are here for your undergrad and/or Masters and then either to get a job affiliated with your subject or bring some additional skills to the one you’ve already got. And that’s all fine. For many of us here, that makes perfect sense and GGU ticks the boxes in preparing us for the working world.

But what else might be out there? Based on the feedback I’ve had from students around campus, not many here at GGU relish the thought of spending more time as a student. When the finish line is in sight, most want to grab their cap, gown and diploma and start earning money. And who can blame them? But for some, a PhD, or similar further education, is a viable option. For example, some students fall in love with their subject while at GGU and feel very strongly that they want to learn more. Others recognize that, in certain professions, their pay and prospects will be significantly increased by the addition of a PhD qualification. Others just like school!

So, what are some of the key points to know about going on to do a doctorate? Well, obviously it varies from subject to subject, but certainly in many disciplines, five or so more years of school means a higher income throughout your working life. There are many websites that can guide you on whether this is the case for your particular subject, and if so, what kind of numbers you’re looking at. Another thing to consider is that many (but certainly not all!) doctoral programs will provide you with stipends, tuition waivers and teaching assignments that mean you won’t need to go knocking for yet more student loans. But this does vary significantly, so check your programme of interest very carefully. Another benefit is to be part of research that can influence and shape not just your subject’s future, but potentially the world. Pretty cool, huh? Finally, if you think teaching and academia are in your future, a doctorate is the obvious next step on your journey.

But remember – a doctoral programme is long. It will be several more years of school and it’s hard! Even getting in will be a challenge – schools will look at items such as your GPA, GRE/GMAT (yup, it’s time to brush up on that high school math), Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statements etc. etc. Most programmes are highly competitive, so you have to be sure it’s what you really want to do. You also need to talk to faculty to check which school is doing research that interests you and ascertain how recognized it is in that particular field.

Want to learn more? Then hit the internet and research your options. Ultimately, a PhD, DBA etc. might not be for you, but it might just open more doors for some. And as a close friend of mine always says, the more education the better. I couldn’t agree more.


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