GGU Social Seeks New Editor – Could It Be You?!

GGU Social Square Black

It’s with a great deal of sadness that I write this post. For the past four terms, I’ve had the honor and privilege of writing and editing ggusocial and bringing you the latest student news from around campus and beyond. This blog is run by students, for students and independent of the university’s main social media outlets. We’ve covered events, parties, met new student members and highlighted many of the school’s services. We’ve interviewed members of the SGA, discussed local vacation and restaurant spots and learned the local customs of some of our international students. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, but with my graduation imminent, it’s now time for someone else to take over – starting from the summer term 2020.

So, could it be you? Maybe! Our ideal candidate will, first and foremost, be a good writer. The ggusocial editor position is responsible for the content of the blog and as such, needs to be able to set a good example to their readers, both in terms of grammar and tone. And while we’re on the subject of tone, the editor needs to be able to think critically. They should be able to identify an issue and/or topic and appreciate how it might be relevant and interesting to the university’s students. They need to have a sense of what subjects have the broadest appeal to our student body and how to make that issue lively and engaging.

What else? Ggusocial, as the name suggests, concerns the social side of the university. We cover, amongst other things, school parties and events and the editor should happy to attend these gatherings (in the recent past, we have covered Halloween and Diwali parties!), and -even better – might also be willing to start organizing some of their own. If our new editor arranged the occasional hike or other social event for students, then not only does it give them more material to write about, but brings students together in a way that is not always easy on a campus such as ours.

Finally, social media/marketing experience would be a definite plus. Ggusocial stretches across several platforms and someone who is able to utilize these and build on them so as to reach as much of the student body as possible, would find it to be a huge advantage.

So there you have it! This is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to your fellow students, build up your resume and did I mention there’s a scholarship that comes with the position? Applications are being accepted until 31st March. Interested? Apply here:-

Any questions? Send them to or leave a message for me right here on the blog site!

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