Student Community Events & Where to Find Resources


Student Community Events & Where to Find Resources

Hello everyone. You all know how much I love being your voice, and I am very proud of representing students at GGU. However, these guys are even more amazing than I am! Of course it’s the awesome Student Government Association (SGA)!

The SGA is incredibly awesome and is always working hard to be the voice of the students. Having worked with them recently, take it from me – they are an incredible bunch, working hard to represent our viewpoints and interests. Also, they are very approachable and helpful. Send them an email and get in touch with them with any concerns you may have. Please access the link here.

The SGA are currently running a survey and they would love to get your thoughts on a few things! It only takes a couple of minutes – I promise! Give them some quick feedback on how they can help you and what you would like to see more of. You can access the survey here. (Or click on the image below)



Helpful Resources!

I need to find a paper, how do I do that? Here you can start searching for any articles which may be needed for any particular course. I love this link because you can do a broad search and see what comes up or get specific and look at a particular database. In any case, this is a great resource. Please access the link here.

APA YAY! This is a link I use constantly to help me check and double-check my referencing. APA style has been made completely easy to use with this step by step guide from the library. Make sure to save this one! Please access the link here.


GGU OWL. Do you have a writing assignment due and you need some help reviewing it? Just to make sure you didn’t miss anything? Or you just need a different perspective. Well, you have come to the right place. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is totally awesome. Send them a draft of your writing and they will get back to you as soon as possible with some feedback. This is one of my favorite GGU resources. Please access the link here.

Tutoring! The tutors are incredibly helpful. At the moment, they have even adjusted to Zoom Tutoring. Follow the link and make an appointment. They can help you with writing, math, and even accounting and tax. This is a true resource. They are very helpful. What are you waiting for? Please access the link here.

How are you keeping up the news? Did you know that as a GGU student you get free access to the Wall Street Journal? Follow this link and sign up if you haven’t already. Stay in the know and always be up to date on current events. Please access the link here.


Do you need some help with Career Planning? Here is an amazing resource where you can find information about how the office of Career Planning can help you, information about internships and so much more. Check it out! Please access the link here.

Need to make plans but can’t find the important date? Well, I always find this link useful when I am trying to make plans or trying to find when important due dates are coming up. I always keep this link handy. Hope this helps everyone else. Please access the link here.

Looking for a job at GGU? Now I realize that with the current environment of sheltering in place and courses being adjusted to being online. One might think there are no positions available. Think again, there are still some positions open. Feel free to apply for them. Please don’t forget to apply with your awesome resume and a great cover letter. Please access the link here.

Stay healthy & stay safe. See you next week!


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