Student Visa

I’m sure you are all well aware of SEVP’s rule change concerning non-immigrant students taking online courses in the coming semester. As an international student myself, this was very hard to hear. With all the hard work and diligence that goes into taking entry exams, applying to universities, and going through the visa process, it was truly disheartening to hear this news.

Being a GGU student, I am very proud of our University! In the recent zoom forum, we learned that everyone is doing their absolute best to make sure we can all overcome this together. It was a great morale booster to hear the positive attitude of our faculty members who are motivated to find solutions for us to stay in the country. Here are some of the highlights covered in the zoom forum: (as posted by Cariann Quick)

  • According to current guidance, for fall 2020, F1 students can take two online courses and one in person course. In person meaning any section having “SF”
  • The University is currently considering a hybrid option for the in-person course and holding the in-person class meetings for later in the term once the campus is open for your safety, including increased cleaning measures and social distancing requirements
  • Feel Free to contact your advisor with questions

For more information about F-1 Visas, please contact our Dean of Student Advising, Cariann Quick. You can also contact our International student coordinator, Nancy Rubio.

Also, here you can find links to all the necessary International student forms. These include forms for CPT, OPT, I-20 forms and much more.

This is a difficult time for everyone especially with Covid-19 still being ever preset. However, it is very comforting to know that our university cares about us and is working diligently to make sure we all have a great university experience and education. Please stay tuned for more information – we will know more in a couple days.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone. We are in this together.

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