Almost at the end

Hello everyone,

As we approach the end of the summer term and many of you are working on final papers or studying towards that last exam, just know that you we are almost at the end! It has definitely been an interesting semester especially with what we are now experiencing as our ‘new normal’ with Covid-19. Learning new technology and social skills to adjust to our online learning has been a great challenge. As I reflect about our amazingly diverse and agile community at GGU, I am very proud to see that we have all taken this challenge on so well.

 With all the bumps and curves thrown at us this semester I feel that we have come out the other side stronger and better prepared for anything that life has to throw at us. I don’t know about you guys but I am really looking forward to the up coming break. And we are so close I can taste it! So here is to a final push towards the end. I hope we all feel energized and give this final week everything we got. Good luck everyone on your last week of the summer semester, I hope you finish strong and enjoy some deserved rest and relaxation!

Stay healthy and stay safe.

Until Next time,


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