Congratulations To Our New Student Leaders

Hello everyone,

Please help me give our new student leaders a warm welcome! Congratulations again! I can’t wait to see the awesome impact you will all make to our GGU community. Without further ado here is a little more information so we can get to know them better:

Wanda Williams: An accomplished HR professional with 20+ years in leadership. An awesome member of our team. Wanda is our going to be a great SGA President. I am very much looking forward to working with her!

Bruno Vannuccini Fernandez: Our new VP of Community Involvement. Here are a few words from Bruno:

My name is Bruno Vannuccini, and I am an international student from Brazil. Currently working on my MSITM at GGU planning to graduate by Spring 2021

I love art, specially the impressionist and post-impressionist movements. Also love to travel and to scuba dive – when I can combine both it is a perfect vacation! Watch movies and drink wine are some of my favorite free time activities.

Nagham Aboujaoude: Our new VP for Campus Activities and Treasurer. Here are a few words from Nagham:

I am an MSBA student, currently serving as the president of the BnDA club. I am passionate about data. I love music and enjoy spending time with my family. 

Farahnaz Behgounia: Our new VP of Marketing and Communications. Here are a few words from Farah:

I am Farahnaz Behgounia, I have majored in Pure Mathematics, and for the most part, I have been teaching mathematics in different schools and institutes.

Currently, I am doing my master’s degree in business Analytics. Fall 2020 is my third Semester at GGU.

Art plays a significant role in my life. Drawing is my favorite hobby. To me, drawing is not just scribbling around on a piece of paper, but is also a great way to express what I feel and my perception of real life.

Priyansha: Our new VP of Education and Secretary. Here are a few words from Priya:

My name is Priyansha which means “Someone very dear”. I am a fun-loving woman who enjoys meeting new people and easily connect with others. I worked in IT for 8 years after which I decided to pursue a full-time master’s degree. Right now, I am in the third semester of the MSBA program at GGU. In my free time, I love painting, reading fiction books, and learn dancing from YouTube tutorials. At heart, I am conscious of a healthy lifestyle and encourage people around me to limit their junk intake. 

Stay safe everyone!

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