From SGA to You

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“Being a member of SGA provides you with a great platform where you can apply all the skills that you have learned in the classroom. SGA helps you to connect with the current students, as well as the alumnus working in the corporate all around the world, and in the legal system of United States. This is a great opportunity as being a student representative you represent the whole student body which helps you develop your personality and enhance your leadership techniques. You get a chance to meet with people who are working in the real world which gives you a chance to build valuable connections with them.

With the help of this platform SGA provides, students can develop or enhance skills such as project management and communication methods. Moreover, it’s a great platform for people who have stage fright as this opportunity definitely will help them learn and develop the skills of networking which is really necessary in today’s world. And it doesn’t stop there. As most of you are aware, understanding team dynamics is great skill that is required to work in any kind of company whether it’s a start-up or million-dollar corporation. With joining SGA, our students can utilize these opportunities and practice how to work as a team, and develop these sets of skills to bring with them over to their next professional endeavor.”

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“SGA is an institution in itself. The best part of SGA that I feel is that it elects and selects the student representative based on the their potential and the passion they have for developing the student community.

SGA is an open platform and offers equal representation across campus for all students irrespective of their domestic and international status and diversity. Therefore, although being an international student I was able to stand and campaign for election. Being a student of Marketing and getting elected as Vice President of Marketing and Communications to represent the student community gave me the opportunity to learn and transpire that learning in to measurable results. Due to SGA, I was able network with Board of Alumni and be the voice of students’ and their requirements from the university alumni.

SGA developed the creative instincts in me and that lead me to design and organize creative marketing messages, campus activities, events and channelize personal communication with students to enrich their student life within the campus. Overall, SGA enabled me to work in team, develop the leadership and enhance my communication skills.”

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“SGA was a blessing to me. I was able to interact with so many people, learn so much from one of the coolest and most inspirational people I have ever met–you rock Sandra!–and be a part of a team that all wanted to do something great for the school that made us who we are.  

GGU is a school dedicated to improve the foundation of all of the students that attend.  Being a part of SGA gives you an opportunity to also help with this maturation. Being a leader is a job that takes guts, determination and above all a fantastic work ethic. If you’re interested in becoming the new voice of the students, be prepared to bring your A-game and be prepared to strive for greatness.  Be prepared for having awesome stories to tell and adding one kick-ass line on your resume.  

SGA needs leaders that want to help the GGU community to grow and GGU needs doers, thinkers and people that want to give back.  Be this change.  Be the most awesome person that you can be.  BE SGA!

SGA Messages_Abhishek.jpg“Student Government Association is a great way to represent your interests and ensure the student voice is heard. I would like to thank GGU for giving me an opportunity to represent the students. I had a great platform to be the student’s voice and support them during their journey at GGU.

This position helped me to network and build contacts. Fortunately, I got a chance to be part of Faculty meetings which helped me to understand the decision-making process in the organization as well as present students concerns to the senate. I got a chance to enhance my leadership qualities and organizational skills. Being an international student, I learned to interact with diverse people within and outside the organization.

When I look back, I am confident as an individual and have immensely improved my management and communication skills. I would recommend all the students to leverage this opportunity. It is an excellent learning opportunity and a life changing experience.

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“After being here at Golden Gate University for about two years, and getting involved in various activities, meeting so many new people and having new experiences, I’ve learned a lot about what leadership isn’t. Being on a student governance for an organization is an excellent way of honing leadership skills, but it thought me leadership goes so much beyond that. Leadership isn’t just organizing events, making decisions and delegating tasks. Leadership also means service to others and sharing experiences – with context to Golden Gate University, leadership means ensuring the vibrancy of the student body and the stimulating growth of incoming leaders.

Through SGA, I learned how to use student voice and own personal experience to help build their student communities. Also, for me leadership opportunities through SGA, recognize that being a leader can even mean simply doing service in any fashion and being a mentor for the benefit of others and the community!”