Welcome to GGU Social!

We Are GGU Social!

GGU Social is Golden Gate University’s brand new official student entertainment blog. The blog will include weekly conceptual posts about the activities that take place on Golden Gate University San Francisco Campus, social life in the Bay Area, and more. We will also be holding many contests throughout our journey that will include small giveaways–because who doesn’t like free stuff?!

By students, for students.

Our main goal in launching this blog is to become your voice. This blog will shape, develop and strengthen with your feedback while helping GGU Students to be heard. This is your Play-doh–although, we get to pick the color of it for now–and you get to shape it! We would like every single one of you to contact us at our e-mail address, and let us know about your feedback and suggestions.

We would like to welcome all of you to our new portal once again, and invite you to hold hands in order to build a better, more entertaining, and social community. Together.